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Salvador Bus Regular Sightseeing

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O Salvador Bus is an excellent choice for tourists who wish to know the history and the natural beauty of the city, allowing viewing 360 degrees of all the sights of the region in a walk very agreeable.

With efficient sound system, the translation of the entire dialogue is sequential and multilingual, available in four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.With approximately 80 km circular route, the buses stroll through the main sights of the city.Throughout the journey, the passenger can get on and off at any location within the already established route.
Passengers can choose to take advantage of the lower area which has air-conditioned room or enjoy the top floor, feeling the local climate of the city, taking a different view of the whole tour.
Fully equipped, the buses also have a mobile roof, which guarantees the output on rainy days.In addition, vehicles are fitted with ramp for wheelchair users and have specific location for your accommodation.

This service is sold at our reception.